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We plan to litter - year 2014

now accepting reservations

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20.2 Aretha Jarton and Anhel Kira - both of girls were officially tested for degenerative myelopathy and dwarfism. Aretha with the results of DM N / N and N Dwarf / Dw and Angel DM N / N Dm and Dwarf N/N - grats

22.1.2014 - litter "B" in the new homes. In the pack remained Banshee Queen s Divokou krví that will stay with my friends. A female  Cirilla Vlčí tlapka. Info will be added

25.11 - We already have names - Bystrá, Bubble Blue, Banshee Queen,  Basileia Bastet ,  Blanqui Benoî a Brethil, Bruinen, Baileen, Bagheera

24.11 - "B" s Divokou krví - nice girls grow before our eyes, the album still adding new photos here

18.11 - We have puppies - 9 girls

16.11 Ebi - Happy Birthday my dear, and Ebi have 2 years

13.11 - New czech website -

8.10 New photo Here and Here and Here and Here


28.8.2013 -Now forever gone to the rainbow bridge my love Arya Arqeva. Mother of our litter "A"

8.8 - all sections of websites they work

7.8.2013 - The website is under construction