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How get breeding rights in CZ-bonitation

In the Czech Republic, to breed dogs, you need to have certified breeding male or female dog. To do this you need to have x-ray HD and ED and bonitation

Principle of bonitation is valuation of individuals with compare to standard FCI. The dogs are bonitate in min. age 18 months. Every dog got bonitation code from bonitation committee. The dog without some defects or abnormality have code with marks A, O and P only.(e.g. A63 Of P1 - height in withers 63 cm, character optimistic, well balanced, perfect generaly value). Othe marks in the code are defects or abnormality compare standard FCI. Most important mark is P, this mark is general result incl. x-ray of hip-joints. Bonitation is practically most impotant event in the dog's life, they are selected for breeding. But from general view of breed point of view is important participation every dogs, doesn't matter if have some defects or not. Very important is youth evaluation as well. By youth evaluation are valuate the dogs and bitches in age 6-18 months. The evaluation code is using for appreciation of breeds worth of parents and monitoring of every litter only and is very important for breeders and fo owner can signalized especialy abnormality in character, which is possible to correct to realy bonitation. The dates and place od youth evaluation are same like bonitations.

view bonitation card-click for pictures


The blue version pictures is an English explanation of codes from bonitation, the white one is in Czech