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August 29, 2013 - Today I escorted Rainbow Bridge is the most expensive in my life. My love, my best friend, my tour guide Arya Arqevu life. Then, because many times I got out of bed in the morning and went on - the last link to sanity. Goodbye Aryo, you lose a fight, in which you could be a winner. I love you for what you gave me one extra month, even though we both suffered. Forgive that there was no way that people should cure your disease. I feel like I let you down. But do not worry, there are far alone, you got daddy Qerona, your child's teacher Daisy, your great friend girl Masi, wolf girlfriend Besinku a member of our pack Kira and do not worry one day will come when I'll be there with you when we meet again and I I can not wait for that day. Life without you seems awfully heavy and unthinkable, but there must be due to Ebi, that's a very grieving.
So far goodbye my love and I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Wait for me, please wait for me especially. We have a lot ahead of us, and once our time přijde.Protože believe that our time should be as short. I do not believe that fate was so cruel and took me forever to the best of my life. I wish I was able to write his grief, or of him share with someone, make me feel better, but I know that's not the point. The only thing that might help is time.
But I do not buy the world or the universe is not so much time that would be taped to the sore spot that your leaving summoned. Now so much hope in reincarnation and that you hurry for me in any form, because you belong to me.
She can stand by my side at least another 10 years, you should know once my partner in life and see my children. She had a few more years to bully my own. Thank you for the cells, because they'll see you. Whenever I look at them, I know that little part of you lives on. But you, you will never replace me. I know that there will be another csv file, but you will not be you. No longer will not you.
I remember our beginnings ... God, how many times I cried because I do not make it a little angry Furie. How much blood flowed after your zoubkách and drápkách. How many times we were arguing who is boss. Finally, we have found a way, together. And I do not want her to walk without you.
Nobody can imagine how much I want. How much desire rather be by your side. But I know that I can not.
Please find up there, my mom and tell her that I love her and that to me after her death was careful. And please keep an eye on me, be my angel and never let me go astray.

Thank you to those who stood behind me, who are interested to find out what is going on. Thank you my friends for support, Arynčině breeder for the opportunity - have Arya and that was with us until the end.