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The moment you have a X-ray. you have to miss a breeding stud. Bonitation is breeding CSW very important, so it is desirable that it participated in dogs with disqualifying fault. Such animal breeding is free. Breeding is the need to bring performance-book, the results of X-ray (if it is a dog of RTGován) original PP, vaccination certificate. The dog should be wearing when measuring firm neškrtící collar and zkoužku nature postroj.Také are allowed treats.
On the breeding accordance with the standards already considered much more than lead, is also performed a number of measurements of various body parts.

Each measurement is carefully written to muster the card - the sample, see end of article.

Like lead, starting with the breeding control teeth.

The dogs continued control of the testicles and then measuring the height at withers. It uses the same gauge as the downspout. The dog stands on a firm level surface and should be completely at rest.

This similarity is deception begins and ends Metering be much more detailed.
The second dimension is the physical oblique body length. It is measured using fixed gauges, and from the shoulder joint to bump the buttock. Dog should stand as calm, in order to perform the reading at all. Important is mainly longitudinal axis of the dog (being the backbone) - should be equal. It is obvious that if the dog is deflected to the side, it is automatically shortened. On the contrary, there is a less important position of the feet.

Fixed meter (in the form Šupler) also measured width (widest point of the chest behind the shoulders)

and depth of chest

and head width (widest part of the skull).

Training can also be done at home using a variety of tools, viz. lead. But it is important to take great care not to bump the dog gauge and was not overly stressed.

Other measurements performed by tailoring meter. It is easy to get and thus exercises can be performed using briefed friend almost anywhere.
For this measurement, it is important that the dog was aggressive and stay calm!
Therefore, do not underestimate the training of handling of animals not only from you but also friends and acquaintances.
And what is measured: For an idea of measuring how it looks in real life, I recommend you see this and lbum (in the photos is Cair descendant of wolves or album of breeding Arya here )
length of the front leg to the elbow (measurement from the elbow to the ground at a standstill dog)
pastern length (measured from the front side of the joint nadprstního the first knuckles)
circuit pasterns
length of the legs (from the hip to the knee)
length of the shin (the front of the leg from the knee joint to joint patnímu)
metatarsal length (from the front foot from heel joint to the first knuckles)
head length (from the occipital protuberance to the tip of the nose)
length of the muzzle (the connector inner corners of the eye to tip of snout)
ear length
chest circumference (the widest place in the area behind the shoulder blades.

Schematic representation of some places in the body of a dog of the sampling rate:
1 - withers
2 - oblique body length
3 - depth, width and circumference of the chest
4 - length of forelegs to the elbow
5 - length of pastern
6 - thigh length
7 - length of tibia
8 - the length of the instep

That measurement is behind us and now it is presentation of the dog is in motion, it is the same as the lead. Adult dog breeding you should demonstrate how it ought to be, the shit is coming up space.

At the moment the dog for a while a break and can relax with the owner.

After some time, the call back into the ring, where it begins the second part of the test character.
Lots of people forget that nature is patrolled and measurement. Still, this part is very important.

The nature of the test itself consists of two parts - the behavior of a group of people
- Test for pin úvazového

A group of people - the aim is primarily to test the dog's behavior in a situation which is close to normal life. No one looks at the obedience and the dog on a leash
Owner with a dog on a leash comes to a group of two people. For them to stop and they can be together in conversation, the dog can sit or stand. After a while coming next two people, which is stopped so that the dog himself in the middle of the group. The dog should people either ignore or be friendly, both in nature sou welcome. As bad character is assessed aggression or timidity.

Then tie a dog harness or collar for a wide strap. With the dog to stand so that the strap taut and waiting for the arrival of civilians who will attempt to make contact with a dog

After leaving civilian. A reasonable distance from the tethered dog goes through a normal pace helper in protection of clothes. He passes a dog without him všiml.Poté stops and instructs assessors are turning back to the dog scurries toward him and cries and pretends swings baton attack.
At this moment it is very important that the dog owner encouraged and subsequently praised.

After the owner leaves the dog behind the screen to see the dog and the same must handle it alone, except that no one with him does not make contact.

After the second attack, also performs review reaction to fire (the alarm pistol - caliber 6 mm)

When the shot goes back to the dog, it is very important to a lot of praise.
The best way to evaluate a balanced and confident demeanor dog. The dog should behave neutrally to civilian or friendly. Welcoming and enthusiastic mind. On the contrary, the attack should respond active defense and attack quickly calm down.

No one is perfect, but with preparation it can be done, do not hesitate to ask your breeder or trainer or friends for help. CSW is a working breed and breeding is not difficult test, that would be your boyfriend did not prepare.

Video of the breeding Caira descendant of wolves - test character