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youth presentation


In terms of breeding is conducting a very important event, although certainly from a lot of people hear the opposite. Breeding Committee may inspect litters from last year, to see what came out of that connection, what litters excel, or if they have some serious flaws.
Daddy and his companion try a smaller version Breeding and may find that things should crystallize.

what youth presentation breeding committee shows

Lead to the breeding committee assesses how the dog or bitch with regard to the age standard.
youth presentation  can participate in puppies from 6 months. It is good to log in advance. The application form can be found on the club website ( here ).
Lead as such begins Examination of the teeth and try it, it should be scissor or pincer. And if a dog has one tooth extra or less.
I recommend checking teeth learn from childhood, like the command "teeth" or "show teeth".
The dog must have no problems odhrnout lips, open muzzle and let you dig into it. This "exercise" will certainly not lost on some veterinary checks.
If your dog accidentally lost a tooth, it is important to have a veterinary certificate and X, proving that the dog had tooth.

In males, the testicles checked whether the two descended, slip back into the inguinal canal and if they are normally developed. The dog should have let them touch without protest and training this can be easily achieved, it must always be calm and stress-free, as do all such acts. The dog should not be traumatized.

Another act had also applies to females, Jenda is a measurement of the height at withers. Withers is where the neck goes in the back and make it peaks blade bones and spines backbone. The measurement is done by a special meter that takes the form of large Šupler.
There is a need for animals has the most correct, in their natural position and was mostly calm and daddy will not interfere with the measurement.

Measurements can be nicely natrénovat home, or even out with friends. Suffice it to two sticks, or mason meter. Also at the training center often tend to have the meter and can therefore train there.

After measuring the dog follows the presentation of the dog in motion. Is required to walk and trot. If the step is for CSW typical gait, the trot should properly move diagonally (ie simultaneously left front + rear right and vice versa). The speed of movement should be such that the dog again performed as naturally as possible. He runs in a circle around the committee and then forward to the Commission and to the Commission.

Last of all, the so-called test povahy.I when in fact, the nature monitored throughout.
This is done so that the helper will try to establish friendly contact with the dog held on a leash. Then help the dog leaves a distance of about two meters need some quick movements accompanied by clap or shout that tested the excitability and guide the dog's reaction. Wives should encourage the dog all the time and be supported him.

Properly socialized and raised puppy, this action would not have a problem even without training. And do not worry, we all take into account that children are up to, so that any mischief or imperfection is taken with reserve.